July 4, 2021 ~ Art Füzd 5th Year Anniversary!

Sunday, July 4

Art Fuzd Social Art Studio Cake


Art Füzd Social Art Studio in Schaumburg and co-owners are celebrating their 5-Year Business Anniversary on Sunday, July 4th! We want you to celebrate our independence with us over the weekend!

Join us for a long weekend of creative fun and celebration! More details to follow via email...

A special thank you to all our wonderful guests that have made our dream a true reality with forever memories. Every day is joyful to us in getting to know everyone and in watching families, couples, and solos relaxing and having fun. We look forward to continuing to help the community make special memories through art for years and years.

Our name, Art Füzd (pronounced as "fuzed" or "fused", not "fuzzed"!), didn't occur by happenstance. It happened after much thought and reflection. Ceramic glaze and ceramic bisque füze in the kiln, creating a beautiful life-long color-rich bond. Likewise, the social art experience of people and art at our studio, the fusion of relationships, is what Art Füzd Social Art Studio is all about - Where Fun and Art Füze!

Art Füzd - 1457 West Schaumburg Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60194 -- (800) ART-FUZD -- https://www.artfuzd.com


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