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What's "Board Painting?" You'll see board painting also called "board art" or "wood sign art." It's one of the newest trends in art experiences.

We specialize in designing board art projects ideally suited for couples, two friends or teams of two, and corporate team building parties.

The result is always an elegant display-worthy wood sign... You'll love the personalization possible and the ultra-professional look of your finished wood sign.

Board painting's not available as a walk-in activity, mostly because we need to do some prep-work before you can begin a board art project.


Small Groups

Groups of four or more are welcomed with at least three days advance notice and at least one day's notice of what project(s). The advance notice allows us time to do the prep-work for your group's project.

The pricing for a "Girls Night Out" versus a board birthday party is exactly the same, with the option to bring food and refreshments if you'd like to. Group pricing is all-inclusive and is based upon the complexity of the project and which size: small or large board. In general pricing ranges from 27 to 87 dollars. For couples-style projects, the pricing includes a discount for the second person, which differs based on the board project chosen.

If you like it to be your private party, visit our page about Private Parties and follow the process to get your party booked today!

Board painting is the perfect project for a "Girls Night Out"!
Scheduled Events

Please refer to the event description for the details for each specific event.

Sometimes everyone is working on the same project and other times everyone's project differs using a specific technique(s).

What's Included:
  • Your Board and All Necessary Art Supplies and Instruction
  • Aprons and Linens
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Complementary Packaged Beverages and Packaged Snacks at Studio Events
Memorable Results

Looking for the perfect personalized gift for someone? Board art allows customizing with home decor colors and monograms make it personal. Special verses and inspirational sayings are also ways to make the perfect holiday or house-warming gift.



Q: What to wear?
A: The materials we use are non-toxic but are staining to clothing. Please keep in mind that while it's entirely possible not to have any paint drips or spills (most people don't have any issues), it would be best to wear clothing that can be easily replaced. We provide fabric smocks for your use and give you disposable gloves to protect your hands.

Q: How long will it take?
A: Most of the time, about two hours for the simpler projects. Complex and/or larger projects last up to three hours. Please refer to the event description for the details for each specific event.


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