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Let's make board art!

What's "Board Painting?" You'll see board painting also called "board art" or "wood sign art." It's one of the newest trends in art experiences.

The result is always an elegant display-worthy wood sign... You'll love the personalization possible and the ultra-professional look of your finished wood sign.

Looking for the perfect personalized gift for someone? Board art allows customizing with home decor colors and monograms make it personal. Special verses and inspirational sayings are also ways to make the perfect holiday or house-warming gift.

How does it work?

1. Decide to do a Monogram or an Inspirational project.

  • Please Note: Pallet style for illustrative purposes only. We are now offering flat non-pallet boards only.
  • We may have a few pallet boards at the party that are still in inventory in case someone is interested.

2. Decide on the size and shape of board:

  • Do you want a Round board? If so, you have two choices: the Large ($65) is 24" in diameter, the Small ($55) is 16" in diameter.
  • Or, do you want a Rectangular board? If so, you have two choices: the Large ($65) is 16" x 24", the Small ($55) is 16" x 16" square.

3. Decide on the project design style:

  • Do you want your board artwork design to be a Monogram? If so, you need to provide the following three (3) pieces of information: the Monogram letter, the Name (can be a first name, last name, first name & first name, etc.), the Established date (can be just the year, month and year, location, whatever you wish). On the form, you'll also need to select which fonts you'd like used in your design.
  • Or, do you want your board artwork design to be an Inspirational Quote or the like? If so, you need to provide the exact spelling and punctuation that you want. Please be mindful of space as you want the letters and words to be easily readable from a distance. It should be a short quote, short saying, short verse...

4. Decide on the fonts:

  • Review the recommended fonts: Recommended Fonts.
  • When completing your project info form, you'll need to let us know which fonts you prefer. We'll recommend other fonts for your design if/as it seems to make sense for you project.

5. Decide on any "embellishments" (i.e. flourishes) or shapes:

  • If you have a concept in mind, let us know.
  • Most of the time, uncluttered board art is more appealing and/or more practical but we'll suggest and recommend additional elements for your design if/as it seems to make sense for your project.

6. Complete the project form and pay the Board Design Fee:

  • For a Monogram project: Monogram Board Project Request form.
  • Or, for an Inspirational project: Inspirational Board Art Project Request form.
  • Please submit (1) one of the forms at least three (3) days (i.e. at least 72 hours) before the party or workshop.
  • Please note we'll need each participant to fill out their form and pay the design fee separately.
  • We ask for a $25 non-refundable Design Fee for your project. After submitting one of the forms you'll be taken automatically to the Board Design Fee payment page.
  • The amount due the day of the party is simply the remaining amount which is $40 plus tax for a large board project or $30 plus tax for a small board project.
  • We'll design a mock-up of your board project.
  • We will be emailing you the proof for approval. Please provide us with your best email address.

5. Let's party!

Please by on time for the party (i.e. not "fashionably late!"), so everyone can be in sync in terms of instruction and guidance.

We'll have artist smocks and rubber gloves available, but please keep in mind that the paints are very staining so you may wish to not wear your best or any favourite clothing/accessories.

Feel free to bring snacks, you may bring refreshments, we have beverages for sale. There are plates, napkins, and cups available to use. Most importantly, come prepared to have fun at Art Füzd ~ "Where Fun and Art Füze!"


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