Clay Handbuilding

Your Own Clay Creation!

What's "Clay hand-building?" Clay hand-building consists of starting with a ball of clay or a slab of clay and creating shaped or flat pieces of art.

Various clay hand-building techniques to try include pinching, coiling, slab work, sculpture, extruding, as well as surface decorative techniques. Ask us to show you how!

One or two kiln firings is necessary depending upon when the piece is painted (i.e. glazed) and whether the piece is intended to be food-safe.


Walk-In Guests

You'll see lots of finished clay pieces (i.e. examples) throughout our studio.

The beauty of clay is the simplicity with which it's possible to easily create beautiful one-of-a-kind artwork ~ eclectic, colorful, and unique and common threads to clay hand-building artworks.

Feel free to obtain as much or as little inspiration you need from all the samples we have in our studio.

Walk-in pricing is all-inclusive and is per-project based. Visit our studio to choose from projects we recommend. Or, make your own project within some basic guidelines. Great for adults and kids. We develop new projects regularly.

If you prefer a more social art experience, we hold scheduled clay hand-building workshops.

Or, if you like it to be your private party, visit our pages about Adult Private Parties or Child Private Parties and follow the process to get your party booked today!

What's Included:
  • All materials, personal instruction, and kiln firing(s).
  • Includes use of all the design tools we have.
  • Smocks and Linens
Create & Design

Lots of options abound for you in designing and creating your unique piece!

We have stencils, silk-screens, stamps, and other various tips, tricks, and tools for you to use to achieve the look you are looking for.
Scheduled Events

Please refer to the event description for the details for each specific event.

Sometimes everyone is working on the same project and other times everyone's project differs using a specific technique(s).

What's Included:
  • Your Clay and All Necessary Art Supplies and Instruction
  • Smocks and Linens
  • Complementary Packaged Beverages and Packaged Snacks at Studio Events
Amazing Results

It's a two-step process for you... First, you create your clay piece(s). You either glaze them the same day or return in a week to glaze.

It's a two to three-step process for us... First, we kiln fire your piece(s) if not glazing the same day. Then, we kiln fire your piece(s) again.

Your piece will have a luxuriously shiny exterior and brilliance of color - enjoy!

Memorable Results

Gift your hand-built clay to someone special ~ or ~ decorate your residence or office with your colorful clay!



Q: How long will it take?
A: At least two weeks, up to three weeks if you are returning to glaze after an initial firing. The scheduling varies based upon the project you are doing. Wet clay takes time to completely dry before it can be fired in the kiln.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Clay is something you wouldn't want on your favorite clothes. Wearing short sleeves or three-quarter sleeves would be recommended. You'll may want to remove your wedding rings. We have artists smocks for your use in the studio. We have disposable gloves and you can but it sometimes doesn't work nicely with clay. The pottery glaze is completely non-toxic! But, it will most definitely stain your clothing, yet be completely removable easily with water. We're not responsible or liable for any mishaps so please dress accordingly.

Q: Is it food-safe? Dishwasher-safe? Microwave safe? Oven-safe?
A: Your clay creation is food-safe ONLY if 100% of the surface has been glazed. Handmade clay and pottery pieces are not oven-safe at any time. You should always hand-wash your clay creations. Some studios are reluctant to relay this information for fear that the knowledge may guide their customers to choose not to create art at their studio. We believe in erring on the side of caution, as we're concerned about our customers being unhappy because their handmade clay or pottery piece didn't hold up well to extreme temperatures. You wouldn't likely put an oil painting (for example) outside, though technically it should be fine. Due to the nostalgic and nature of it being original artwork, it doesn't feel right :) With that said, do as you wish, as we're not responsible for the longevity of your piece.


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