Our Prevention Policy for COVID-19

Q:  When are you opening for walk-ins?

A.  We are opening on Friday, May 29th.  Our "Phase 3" hours are 12 to 6 pm.

Q. What options are there for walk-ins?

A.  We have hundreds of Pottery Painting projects to choose from!  We also have Canvas Painting designs to choose from!  Clay Handbuilding may be available (please call or text to make a reservation).  For pottery painting and canvas painting, you may certainly opt to do some painting in-studio and take it home to work more on your project(s).

Q.  Is "Pottery to Go!" still available?

A.  For our guests lovin' "Pottery to Go!", keep lovin' it! Order POTTERY TO GO! projects online (https://www.artfuzd.com/collections/pottery-to-go) for curbside pickup or choose in studio. Feel free to call (800-278-3893) or text (724-278-3893) first if you'd like to make a table reservation or know how busy it is when you wish to stop in.

Q.  Is "Canvas to Go!" still available?

A.  For our guests lovin' "Canvas to Go!", keep lovin' it! Order CANVAS TO GO! projects online (https://www.artfuzd.com/collections/canvas-to-go) for curbside pickup. 

Q.  Are "Personalized Wood Monograms!" still available?

A.  Yes, order PERSONALIZED WOOD MONOGRAMS online (https://www.artfuzd.com/collections/wood) for curbside pickup in one to three weeks.  Wood items are custom made to order.

Q. Do I have to wear a mask in your studio?

A. Yes, everyone over the age of two must wear a face covering fully over their nose and mouth during the entire duration of his/her visit.  

Q.  What have you done to ensure a six foot distance between me and a stranger?

A. We removed lots of tables and rearranged remaining tables. The layout is now more eclectic and will allow for more private conversation. It will also, most importantly, provide six feet of distance from head to head in all directions.  Our studio has always been very comfortable and spacious (so we hear from our guests!).  Now, it's much more spacious.

Q.  What's the airflow like?

A.  We have extremely high ceilings, and continuous running fans for air circulation. Additionally, we will open the entrance door to bring in fresh air (as the weather permits and the comfort of nearby guests allows).

Q.  How are things different with selecting pottery glazes?

A.  Only one group/family is selecting and getting their glazes at one time.  We wipe down and disinfect every bottle after group/family use before the next group/family.

Q.  Am I using the same brushes as others?

A.  After each use, all brushes are soaked in a soapy water and washed. The same goes for sponges and other re-usable art tools.

Q.  Is the water fresh between guests?

A.  Yes, absolutely, always has been.  We wash all water bowls and refill with clean water between each guest.

Q.  How can I be sure your studio is clean?

A.  For years now, we've had a professional cleaning company clean our studio for us.  We've now increased the frequency of the cleanings.

Q. Do you disinfect tables and high-touch surfaces?

A. Yes, absolutely, we always have wiped down every table after every guest.  

Q.  How much interaction must I have with the owners?

A. Very little is necessary, actually.  You could find your projects and complete your order online rather than paying afterwards with us directly.  We have a "Glaze Tour" video that you can watch rather than having us communicate with you.  It's preferred that new guests watch the video actually, to keep us socially distanced as much as possible from everyone.   You could text us any questions you have rather than asking us in person. 

Q.  How dedicated are you to my level of comfort, whatever that may be?

A.  We are completely dedicated to ensuring your comfort. If, at any point, you feel uncomfortable with any process, procedure, or a fellow guest(s), please let us know immediately.

Q.  Can I bring young children in to paint?

A.  You may, but there are guidelines that must be adhered to at all times.  If you are unable to ensure your child/children are and remain in accordance, we reserve the right to ask you to leave and return another time in order to keep everyone else comfortable and safe.  The guidelines here, are, namely:

     1.  All children over the age of two must wear a face covering over the nose and mouth in its entirety throughout the full duration of the visit.

     2.  All children must remain with the parent/guardian at all times. 

     3.  As always, children are welcomed guests!  We understand it can be challenging to guide children in public to follow rules or policies that may not make sense or be understood by them at their age, but the parent/guardian must ensure compliance.

Q.  Can we touch and handle the bisque/pottery merchandise?

A.  Please limit touching and handling to a more minor/minimal level than usual, to help limit the spread of the virus, and to minimize the transfer of hand sanitizers and hand moisturizers onto the pottery (adversely affects glaze adherence).  All prices are conveniently and clearly marked on the shelves. If it's unclear or a sticker is missing, please ask us - thank you!