Current Newsletter - October 7, 2023

Art Füzd, Schaumburg's Social Art Studio

Happy Columbus Day weekend!

Happy Labor Day from Art Füzd!

Discover your creative side!

Just walk-in & paint! A memorable experience for couples, friends, and families...
Super relaxing to unwind and paint solo for some "me" time...

Columbus Day weekend:
SATURDAY (12-6) | SUNDAY (12-5) | MONDAY (12-5)

Regular walk-in hours:
Thursday 12-5 | Friday 12-6 | Saturday 12-6 | Sunday 12-5

Spooky creativity!

Art Füzd spooky halloween projects

Functional & decorative projects!

From Halloween-specific pottery projects to general functional and practical projects and completely decorative projects and everything in between, you'll find the perfect gift to make or projects for making memories here...

Regular walk-in hours:
Thursday 12-5 | Friday 12-6 | Saturday 12-6 | Sunday 12-5

Meet the team!

Meet the Team at Art Füzd

We captured some cool photos of our team's personal projects! Wow, very nice :)

We're thrilled to have found amazingly friendly top-notch people to help run the studio! We'd like to introduce or re-introduce (in some cases!) our wonderful team members to you:

A super big thanks to Alexa! She's worked here over the last two summers, is back at school, yet may be back during school or spring breaks.

A special welcome to Kate! She's joined the team recently, is a college student during the week, and works on the weekends.

A mountain of gratitude to Joey! Over almost two years so far, he's been an instrumental element in helping manage the studio on the weekends.

We are all looking forward to meeting all of you and assisting you with any questions you may have!

Couples - Get fired up!

Art Füzd Virtual Art Parties

Share a project to paint or make gifts!

Lots of couples enjoy their time together painting pottery here... Whether it's one project being painted together or separate projects for your home, you're sure to enjoy the quiet time making memories.

Tables are spaced out and spaced for optimum privacy. We don't aim to maximize "butts in seats" (as it's called in our industry) but aim to maximize your comfort here. Lots of lovey dovey hearts, highly functional items, and purely decorative projects to select from...

Regular walk-in hours:
Thursday 12-5 | Friday 12-6 | Saturday 12-6 | Sunday 12-5

Art Füzd Gift Certificates

Buy in-store or order online Art Füzd gift certificates

Join in on the fun! Share the fun! Gift certificates can be mailed to or picked up by you or your gift recipient. They can be used anytime and for anything we offer. Call us, or stop in, or order gift certificates online.

Please continue to #ShopSmall by shopping independent non-chain stores and companies. We all appreciate your support!

Let's Party!

Art Füzd Parties & Events

Booking events and parties is easy!

Our studio and our painting projects work great for many types of parties - team building events, adult birthdays, family outings, bachelorette parties, baby shower parties, fundraising events, sweet 16 parties, girl scout outings, field trips, child birthdays. Party times may also be available when the studio is closed to the public on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays...

1. Read all about how parties work: Corporate | Adult | Scouts | Child
2. Complete the "party request" form to help us plan and advise.
3. We'll be in touch to answer any remaining questions, etc.

Please keep in mind that large groups need to have a reservation. We take the comfort of current guests seriously. Groups are not permitted to linger and wait for tables.

Buy Gift Certificates at Art Füzd Schaumburg

Gift Cards!

Help your loved ones
make forever memories.
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