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Heirloom Quality Glassworks!

"What's "Glass Fusing"? Glass fusing or "fused glass" consists of the process of heating glass to melt and/or shape (i.e. slump) the glass.

Make an elegant file, dish, plate, and much more... You'll love the personalization possible and the ultra-quality and long-lasting virtue of fused glass.


Walk-In Guests

We DO NOT offer glass fusing on a walk-in basis at Art Füzd. Instead, very occasionally we host private glass workshops that require advance reservations. Join our eNewsletter list to stay informed about other events and workshops coming up at our studio.

We can show you lots of finished fused glass pieces (i.e. examples) upon request or view our Fused Glassworks online shop, select pieces available for immediate purchase. Handcrafted by the co-owners of Art Füzd, they are original designs.
Scheduled Events

Please refer to the event description for the details for each specific event.

Sometimes everyone is working on the same project and other times everyone's project differs using a specific technique(s).

What's Included:
  • Step-by-step project guidance
  • Your glass and all art supplies
  • Safety glasses and gloves
  • Refreshments at studio events
  • Happy Hour pricing at mobile events
Memorable Results

Gift your fused glass art to someone special ~ or ~ decorate your home or office with your personal glass artwork!



Q: Is this safe?
A: Yes, unless you have a propensity to bleed or a blood-clotting medical condition (if you do, please instead enjoy the other fun projects to do in our studio), glass fusing is actually rather safe if always following basic safety protocols. We require that everyone (both the guests and our associates) always adhere fully to all safety protocols when handling glass in our studio. We always wear safety glasses and safety gloves - even though the only risk would be surface cuts to the fingers. We do not have saws or cold-working tools on-site. It would be extremely rare for someone to seriously injure themselves at our studio doing glass fusing. This isn't to say that all studios are properly safety conscious. We've been appalled by the casualness in a few instances.

Q: What to wear?
A: Very small pieces of glass (i.e. shards) are often present or are created during project design, from cutting/shaping glass or designing your piece. It is best to wear clothing that is less spongy or more flat in nature, for example a t-shirt rather than a billowy or cabled sweater.

Q: How long will it take?
A: After you've done your part, it will take us about a week to fire your piece and to slump (i.e. shape) your piece if desired.


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