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Hand-Painted Ornaments

Beautiful. Timeless. Affordable. Beautiful. Available in a wonderful array of shapes and sizes, colors and patterns, Jan's hand-painted ceramic Christmas holiday ornaments will make the perfect gift for giving to your loved ones this season. Timeless. Everlasting elegance and forever-lasting quality go hand in hand with Jan's ornaments. Her bright brilliant colorful painting and our kiln-firing processes ensure years and years of enjoyment. Affordable. All designs are available as sole pieces.  Buy 3 or more ornaments of any style and color to enjoy 10% off the ornaments (no coupon code needed). Great for couples, families, or just because you wish to shower someone with ceramic pleasure.

About Jan. Featuring one of our favorite studio guests, Jan's been making and gifting ornaments for years now, giving happiness and surprise to all she's showered with her ceramic ornaments and other ceramic gifts she's painted. We've had the joy of knowing Jan for nearly four years now, always being a friendly person who's always ultra-excited to see her finished ceramics. Making it fun for us and for her, she desired to bring her creations to you and your loved ones.