FUNdraising Events


Fundraiser Events with Art Fuzd Schaumburg

FUNdraiser Events

"This Cause of Course Rocks!"

You're passionate about a great cause. We're passionate about making a difference. Together, we can raise money by inviting the community to make art, laugh, and socialize (because giving back should feel good).

Better Than a Bake Sale!

We'll help you create an incredible party. We specialize in creating the ultimate social art party.

Galas are expensive. Bake sales are a lot of work (and a big mess). The cookie market is cornered. People don't really want random chocolate bars.

But Art Füzd checks all your boxes: an Art Füzd fundraiser is unique, fun, and profitable. Plus, we run the event from start to finish so you can focus on having fun. And, we'll help promote your FUNdraiser if you'd like, if it's open to the public. The best part?

It's fun, memorable, easy, and costs your organization $0 dollars to do!

A few regularly successful ways to fundraise...
  • Soup bowls to help homeless organizations
  • Blessing cups for church groups
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Art auctions

Let's get planning!

Tell us about your group and your FUNdraising goals. We can help with promotion via social media. We'll need to stock what you'll need for your FUNdraiser, so please keep us in the loop!

FUNdraisers are custom designed and coordinated with each individual organization to meet their scheduling and style of fundraising needs.

Are you ready to start planning for your funraiser event? Start the discussion by telling us about your fundraiser using the contact us form below. We'll review and be in touch with you promptly.