Pottery Painting


Pottery Painting at Art Fuzd Schaumburg

Paint Your Own Pottery!

What's "Pottery Painting?" Paint your own pottery is also commonly referred to in our industry as "PYOP."

Pottery painting consists of coating bisqueware with what is called "glaze." Ironically, glaze isn't "paint", so you not actually painting but "glazing" your piece.

Glaze has tiny particles of glass in it, which, when fired produces a wonderfully shiny, hard, and durable exterior. You'll love the result!

We have large ceramic kilns in our studio that are used to fire our guests' artwork pieces.

Walk-In Guests

You'll see lots of finished painted pottery pieces (i.e. examples) throughout our studio.

Some samples show different techniques. Ask us and we'll show you how to do them!

Feel free to take one to your table to refer to while you're making your piece.

Many of our guests find that modelling their work after color combinations makes it super helpful and freeing to be more creative in other ways.

Social Art Experiences

If you prefer a more social art experience, we ocassionally hold pottery painting workshops.
Would you like to have a pottery painting birthday party or other type of party? Adult Parties | Child Parties


Pottery Painting at Art Fuzd Schaumburg

Create & Design

Lots of options abound for you in designing and creating your unique piece!

We have stencils, silk-screens, stamps, and other various tips, tricks, and tools for you to use to achieve the look you are looking for.

There are also specific techniques for specific effects, for example, bubble painting is very popular at our studio - it's fun for kids and adults alike and is a fun and easy method for a very elegant result.

What's Included:
  • Talented Art Instructors, guiding you through step-by-step
  • Your Bisque and All Necessary Art Supplies
  • Complementary Packaged Beverages and Packaged Snacks at Studio Events

Amazing Results

It's a two-step process for you... First, you glaze (i.e. paint) your piece. Then, you come pick up you piece in about a week.

It's a two-step process for us... First, we dip your piece in a vat filled with "dipping glaze". Then, we fire your piece in one of our large kilns.

Your piece will have a luxuriously shiny exterior and brilliance of color - enjoy!

Memorable Results

Gift your hand-painted pottery to someone special ~ or ~ decorate your residence or office with your colorful pottery!


Pottery Painting at Art Fuzd Schaumburg


Q: Do you have food, snacks, beverages?
A: For your convenience, we have water, juice boxes, and cans of soda for sale. However, feel free to bring your own beverage as you'd like.

Q: Why shouldn't I eat while painting pottery?
A: Please keep in mind that oily or greasy foods are not recommended while painting pottery as it can effect the adherence of the glaze to ceramics.

Q: Will ceramic glaze stain my clothing?
A: Not at all! For pottery painting, all of our ceramic glazes easily wash out with water and certainly with a little bit of soap if desired. Our walk-in area's full of fabric chairs so we know how fabulous ceramic glaze is! We do have artist smocks in both kids sizes and adult sizes that you are welcome to use if you wish. Lots of our guests enjoy wearing smocks while in their creative zone!

Q: Will my artwork be food-safe? Dishwasher-safe? Microwave safe? Oven-safe?
A: The glaze is completely non-toxic! While your finished pottery could be used in the dishwasher or microwave, we DO NOT recommend it. You wouldn't likely put an oil painting outside, though technically it should be fine. Due to the nostalgic and nature of it being original artwork, it doesn't feel right :) With that said, do as you wish, as we're not responsible for the longevity of your piece.

Q: When can I pick up my pottery projects?
A: Your receipt clearly specifies when your pottery will be ready for pickup! For pottery painting, your pieces will always be ready for pick-up in one week (i.e. seven days).

Q: Why does it take so long to get my finished artwork?
A: A lot of care and time happens for your bisque pieces after you've created them! Let's say you've painted a beautiful princess figurine, okay? She's relaxing out on the drying rack at least 24 hours. Then, she's goes for a quick swim in the glaze! After she's been a chillin' for another 24 hours, she's got some hard work to do! Now she as to wait for the next available spot in a kiln. She steps up carefully onto her very own kiln stilts and maintains her balance throughout her 24 hours in the ceramic kiln. This is when she gets super hot in temperature and her skin becomes super shiny and durable! And her color changes from being really pasty to very colorful! She's really happy when she gets to come out of the cool dark kiln and into the natural sunlight of lots of admiring fans... She's not done yet! She models for us for a few days on her shelf or until you pick her up and take her home. So, it takes a minimum of 3 full days for your pieces but they're put into the queue and we have large kilns. Sometimes we can "expedite" your artwork, to be ready in 4 days or so. If that's really needed/desired, ask us what the current queue looks like...