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We receive lots of written feedback that we'd love to share ~ thank you! This page profiles documented reviews and feedback (i.e. Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc.) with the source noted. Due to the sheer number of reviews, we've opted to minimize redundant content so not all reviews received are posted.

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Adult Walk-Ins

"So much fun! And so relaxing! Art Fuzd in Schaumburg is a hidden treasure. My daughter and I discovered this place and have been back at least 6-7 times in the past year. The owners are very friendly and the selection of items to paint is very large and reasonably priced. The paint color selection is so plentiful, it's almost overwhelming. A very relaxing way to spend an afternoon with kids or friends." - Deb (Trip Advisor)

"I thought this was going to be such a waste of time.

Much to my surprise, I LOVED doing this. Coloring for adults with all the creativity you can muster. I've been trice already this year, I'll go again.

The folks there had good suggestions, were very knowledgeable and friendly. It was a fun atmosphere with my first crowd and the second time was a more thoughtful approach."
- Brett W. (Google)

"While I am no artist, wish I had more time to paint pottery because it’s such a soothing, creative, and therapeutic activity. When we do have the time, we enjoy going to Art Füzd. It is a convenient location for us with plenty of parking. It has an airy and pleasant environment to paint in with windows all around. We really like the spacious layout of the place, the wide and varied selection of pieces, and the colorful tables. The owners are friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. We’ve hosted a birthday party here and they were a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend this place; aside from being relaxing, it’s great to be supporting a local business." - Liza H. (Facebook)

"I have gone multiple times with my son. It’s a great place to create a masterpiece and spend quality time." - Armida D. (Google)

"I LOVE this place!!! They are so friendly and helpful!!!" - Kimberly H. C. (Facebook)

"Took my 18 year old son, his girlfriend and 15 year old daughter to paint. Amazing friendly staff. Great selection of items to paint in all price ranges Very relaxing atmosphere. Never felt rushed. All questions were answered. Great place to go. Definitely will be going back." - Karen C. (Yelp)

"Great place to hang out and paint even as an adult. A group of 4 of us went for the second time and we really enjoyed doing something different together. We will go back for sure." - Mrs. D. (Google)

"Love this place. My daughter and I go back every few months to paint and gab. The owner is so friendly. He always takes time to tell us what's new and gives us painting tips. The ceramics in stock change with the seasons, so their is always something new. Great for presents." - H. Heels (Trip Advisor)

"Had a really great experience here! The owners are very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful when having artists block on what colors to choose to glaze and any ideas to make your creation look better/different. This was a great few hours to spend with a friend and now we have something we'll hold onto for a long time." - Helen M. (Google)

"I wanna tell more people about this place since I had such a great time but then I also don't want to so that I can have all the peace and quiet and art supplies to myself... what to do." - M. A. (Yelp)

"Fun place. Great prices and friendly and helpful staff. Great date night/activity spot." - Dan C. (Google)

"I have been here twice! This place is amazing! The Owners are very friendly and helpful! The inventory is always being updated and there is definitely plenty to choose from!! So much room for creativity and some for people who like to stay in the lines LOVE THIS PLACE!! Recommend to everyone who loves to paint I can't not wait to try and make something with the clay that's next on my to do list :)" - Jordan P. (Yelp)

"Loved this place from the moment we walked in and was welcomed by the owner. Everything was explained well and the prices are great! The staff is polite and super helpful, they never made me feel like a newb. Best couple hours I have spent relaxing with family in years. Thank you!" - Joe L. (Yelp)

"Myself, my daughter, my mother-in-law and great aunt had an amazing time here! So much to choose from, such great owners and awesome music. We can't wait to go back!" - Suzette M. (Facebook)

"Great place super fun time to paint with friends. The folks at Art Fuzd are just great and friendly, definitely going again." - Joe B. (Facebook)

"It was very therapeutic - hanging out with my friends, laughing, snacking and painting. You'll be a little overwhelmed because there's so many choices. They staff really help you out and friendly. I highly recommend this place!" - Ashley S. (Google)

"Great place to hang out with friends! Three girlfriends and I spent a Saturday morning there. It was so much fun! The couple walked us through the entire process, explained all the paint choices to us, gave us painting tips, and even were nice enough to give us recommendations on how to better our products! We were surrounded by families and everyone was having a great time. Loved the selection of pottery available to paint as well!" - C. B. (Trip Advisor)

"Super relaxing environment and friendly staff help you experience a fun pottery painting experience. Thank you!!" - Meihua M. (Google)

"Our family has had some great experiences here with both younger and older relatives. The owners are incredibly kind and thoughtful. They are friendly and approachable, and even help us make sure smooth transitions from car to store when transporting ceramic pieces or assisting my grandma. Each time we go back they provide us with tips, tricks, and ideas to help create beautiful and unique pieces. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun activity any time of the year! They keep holiday pieces our year round which allows for flexibility and have a great range of prices for all budgets. Love visiting here!!" - Ang A. (Facebook)

"Great place to get those creative juices flowing. This is on the corner of a strip mall in Schaumburg. The store hasn't been there long, and looks brand new inside. There is ample seating and although we typically visit Color Me Mine, I found Art Fuzd more comfortable. The chairs offer more support and there is more space around the tables than when in Color Me Mine.

There are lots of pieces to choose from and no sitting fee. Some places charge you a flat rate to paint, then add on the cost to paint on top. At Art Fuzd, its simply the cost of the piece. Prices were reasonable and you can paint something small (Christmas Ornament) for $9, or something medium sized (large mug) for $23. Paint is well organized and the people that work there are top notch friendly. Good music playing that appeals to all and the vibe was enjoyable.

They have canvas painting as an option, but it wasn't available on the day we went due to a special fund raising event. Ceramics are baked in the kiln and available one week later. Highly recommended place!"
- Jeff T. (Google)

"I had a nice time with my family here. It was fun picking out your project and paints. Great selection and guidance from the staff." - Elizabeth M. (Yelp)

"It was a great place to spend the afternoon! The staff was helpful, selection was great, price was reasonable, and atmosphere was fun! It has a great loft feel with lots of light and open spaces. It was Super clean and organized. I can't recommend this great art studio enough! Good options for all ages." - Robin L. B. (Facebook)

"Had an awesome time painting, and prices are reasonable!" - Emily G. (Google)

"The owners are the most delightful people, the selection of ceramics is really great, and I like the up-front pricing... no studio fees! What you see is what you pay. They're very helpful and they have a lot of great tips and tricks so that your piece turns out how you want." - Nikki W. (Facebook)

"Stopped in yesterday to celebrate a friend's birthday and ended up having a great time! When you walk in you are greeted by the owner who is friendly and pleasant and explains the process to you. Basically, just pick out any ceramic you'd like to paint, find a table, pick out your paint colors, grab some paint brushes and get creative! All the Ceramics are priced on the shelves so you know what you're getting into before you get started. Once you finish painting your masterpiece. Go to the counter pay for your purchase and return one week later to pick up the item. I highly recommend this establishment for anyone looking for a relaxing creative way to spend some time." - Kristyn P. (Yelp)

"Great selection of ceramic projects and paints to choose from. Friendly, helpful staff!" - Tracey R. (Google)

"Very friendly owners/staff. Huge selection of pottery to paint with prices front and center. No add on costs, use as much paint as you want in as many colors. They have lots of help and suggestions on how to help and make it look great too. They fire it and you pick up in about a week. I haven't done their canvas night yet, as it's only in once in awhile but they have lots of possibilities with the space and location. Great service and they seem to always be open so you can just drop in!" - Tiffany S. (Yelp)

"This place has something for everyone!! I have never painted anything before in my life and I was able to start simple and we had such a blast!! The best part was we didn’t need a reservation or to wait for a class. Just walk in anytime during open hours and start a project. The staff is so helpful and take good care of you. Perfect place for girls night or a kids birthday party. This is a diamond in the rough!! I will make this a regular outing for sure!! Already planning my next challenge!" - Sue R. (Facebook)

"This place is awesome! Staff is friendly and helpful. Great place" - Kim K. M. (Facebook)

"Great! The owners are beyond nice and welcome us back each time. They have a excellent selection of pieces and paint colors. I would definitely recommend!" - Alex L. K. (Facebook)

My first time doing this, but it was a blast! So glad I did it w/my nieces & sis-in-law, Nancy. Was fun, relaxing & therapeutic for the mind & soul!" - Stacey A. B. (Facebook)

"I love this place! The owners are super friendly and helpful, and the studio is bright, clean and comfy. It's such a relaxing place to be creative. I love that I know what the price is to complete a piece of pottery up front and I'm not restricted by the paints and tools that I can afford. Everything is there to use; paints, tools, etc., organized and ready to go, and there is always someone willing to answer questions and offer advice. It's not particularly close to home, but it's well worth the drive!" - Christine J. (Facebook)


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Family Walk-Ins

"My kids love Art Füzd. It's a great place to make gifts or bring your friends to celebrate a birthday. I love that they fire and glaze their pieces so they are completely finished and ready for display. The staff are very friendly and so helpful. We will keep coming back." - Ann K. S. (Facebook)

"My daughter has been asking me to go to this place for the last month or so, and I have to admit, it was a great idea. They are very welcoming and friendly. First time there? No problem! They explained all of our options. Great experience well worth the money since what I really bought was quality time with my favorite girl in the world." - Misty M. (Yelp)

"We have been to other similar places to paint pottery, but I like liked art fuzd the best. They have a lot more selection, great paints and a relaxed atmosphere. The owner was really helpful "erasing" one of my daughters mistakes, and answered all of our questions. ." - Karen Z. (Google)

"I had taken my 4 year old grand-daughter here for her first ceramic painting. She was so proud of herself. She loved her princess she painted, and was very careful in handling it. She did not want it to break after all the work she put into it. You have to leave your piece there for a week for them to put it in the kiln. The staff is helpful and very friendly. It is a nice activity when outside temps keep you inside." - Karen K. (Yelp)

"My kids loved this place, it was clean and fun for them, great selection." - Megan W. (Google)

"What a great place!!! 4 kids on a day off of school, middle of winter, and cold, icy rain falling. What to do?? Well we went over to Art Fuzd and the girls picked their pieces to paint and went at it. We were there for 2 hours almost and the pieces I believe turned out great. The girls were all super happy with their designs. I even got in on it and painted myself. This place was in a great location so it was convenient to get to, the owners were super friendly and the selection of pieces available to paint was incredible. It takes 1 week for the kiln process and then we can pick up the pieces. They are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday so make note but their hours open are great!! 11 to 8 Thursday thru Monday. We will definitely go back!" - Kim B. (Yelp)

"My kids and I love Art Fuzd. This is a great place for a birthday party, a therapeutic painting session, or just for fun. Both adults and kids can enjoy. Prices are great, owners are so helpful and kind. There have been nights we were not finished painting at close and the owners said they'd be there late anyway, so we stayed with them and completed our projects. My kids even got gift cards from Santa for Art Fuzd, that is how much they love it. My kids are 9 and 11. Let's support local small businesses and perhaps we will have more!!! Let me say that I did try a competitor - Color me Mine in Crystal Lake. They do not even compare to the kindness, service and prices of Art Fuzd, we were very disappointed, over charged and under satisfied." - Kristeen R. (Yelp)

"Fun activity with my nephew. Friendly staff, clean facility, fun atmosphere. Easy pricing scheme, pay only for the object, materials and supplies all provided in the price of the object. Highly suggest for everyone from individuals to groups." - Mike S. (Google)

"Great afternoon with my 11 and 8 year old grandsons! They were uncertain at first, but once they picked out their "projects" it was all smiles and laughter. They've already picked out their next several projects, and want to know when we can come back. Great items to choose from, variety of paints painting aids, stencils, stamps, etc. The staff could not be more helpful, offering great suggestions, and encouragement for the kids. Neat, very clean, extremely kid friendly... and great fun for grandma too. Definitely a memory maker!" - Karen M. (Google)

"I love that you can walk in without an appointment. I took my eleven-year-old daughter and her friend to give them something to the morning after a sleepover. They both loved being able to pick their own projects, paint colors, and brushes. The service was outstanding. I hope this place is around for a long time!" - Anne W. (Facebook)

"So fun!!! So many great pieces to choose from. Brought my nephews to paint on a rainy Saturday and it kept them busy for hours." - Jennifer B. (Facebook)

"Staff was great. We where there for 4 hours, it really was relaxing and time zipped by. My girls loved it. Really good pricing for all pocket books!!!" - Tony B. (Facebook)

"Below zero in Chicago & suburbs. What to do? What to do? Art Fuzd is a great place to spend cold winter days or on days you want to unleash your creative side!

Today was our first time in Art Fuzd (and any other paint-your-own pottery place for that matter) + Very friendly owners/staff + Free parking lot + Very clean establishment + No entrance fee or studio fee. Just come in and paint! You only pay for the price of the object you are painting. + They offer birthday party options for kids (paint first, then cake later). Contact the business for more info. + Work at your own pace: Pick an object to paint (ornament, bowl, plate, frame, coin bank, etc.), pick your paint colors, get an apron, get your paint brushes, and unleash the Picasso or Monet in you! You pay when you are done. + Kids' drinks (juice, water, milk) available for purchase if your child gets thirsty.

Tips: 1) Plan ahead. You paint the object today, you can pick up the following week after it has been "baked" in the kiln. So, if you are planning on gifting your creation, allow 1 week until you can present the item. 2) Three coats of paint are recommended so your art work shows after "baking". It only takes 2-5 minutes for each coat to dry so no biggie. 3) This could get addictive! I am looking forward to my next art work. It is very calming to do this.

Suggestion for improvement: 1) Please add a changing table in the bathroom. Thank you!

- Elizabeth T. (Yelp)

"Great place with lots of different pieces to paint. Staff was great with explaining the process to us and patient with my kids and help them when the thought a mistake could not be fixed. It was a very relaxed and calming experience, had no idea we were there for 3 hours. It was a great mental break from a busy life. We will be back! Thank you." - Jennifer H. (Yelp)

"We Love this Place! Great play date place and/or family day event. Fun, Clean and Very Friendly/Helpful owners!" - Christy B. (Google)

"My daughter convinced me to visit after she had visited with a friend. I highly recommend checking it out. The staff is friendly and attentive. There is a wide variety of sculptures for boys and girls at many price points. I walked the gallery twice before choosing something.

The cost covers your choice of paints, brushes, and firing the finished product in a kiln. If you don’t finish painting your sculpture in one sitting, you can return to finish it another day.

I noted a painting party with at least a dozen children in a separate area. They all seemed very focused on their creations.

It’s a successful business and I see why. Worth the visit!"
- Chris M. (Facebook)

"Such a fun place to take my daughter to have a day to just hang out laugh and paint!" - Bryan V. (Facebook)

"This place was so fun! Just took my daughter there for the first time. And we had a great time. They were so very patient and never rushed us. And they helped us with anything we needed. Will definitely go again!" - Stefanie Q. (Facebook)

"So welcoming and friendly there! We had a great time and the pricing was fair. My daughter kept saying she couldn't wait to come again." - Samantha L. (Facebook)


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Ladies Night Out & Bachelorette Parties

"Friendly and helpful staff. Fun event, night out with the girls, etc!" - Veronica P. T. (Facebook)

"My daughter & I had a "Girls night" here & we LOVED it!" - Robyn B. (Facebook)

"Art Fuzd helped few of us get together for a girls night this weekend. It was fantastic. The artwork turned out great and everyone had a lot of fun. It took us quite a while to complete, but the owners never hurried us out. Can't wait to come back!" - Rebecca S. (Facebook)

"LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! Reasonable prices and great selection of pottery to paint from. We had a GNO and usually they are closed on Tuesday's, but they accommodated to our schedule and opened it for us. We all loved painting our pottery and the loved the wide selection of pain colors." - Mehwish M. (Yelp)

"If you enjoy crafting this is a laid back place. The staff is low key but is available if you need advice or have a question. We had five ladies and there was one other group. There is lots of room and the staff keeps things clean for you. We are so excited to see our fired projects!!" - Joann P. (Google)

"I hosted my sister's bachelorette party here and it was fun; a very enjoyable night. The staff was wonderful; very helpful before and during our painting. They stayed open late for us to finish our projects. Very easy to work with. Everyone at the party had a great time. Prices are reasonable. And everyone's chevron vase came out beautiful. Definitely will be back and recommend others to check it out." - Terri S. (Facebook)

"Great place! Some friends and I met up here for a moms night out and it was so nice to sit and relax and paint. Tons of options to choose from, really nice place :)" - Lisa R. (Facebook)

"this place! I kept driving past on my way to work and put it on my list of things to check out. My friend and our daughters went during Christmas break. It was a great experience! Very relaxing, well organized and SUPER friendly owners. The prices are very reasonable! No sitting or studio just pay for the piece. We loved it so much, my daughter and I came back on her next day off (She's 12). They were so amazing helping me plan a small meetup group on a Sunday. The group had a great time and came as far away as Darien and Gurnee! I highly recommend this place whether you are looking to do a party (they do kids and adults), want to spend a little quality time with the kiddos or just have some quiet creative time to yourself! Please check them out and support. We need more small businesses like this in Schaumburg :)" - Vava B. (Yelp)


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Child & Teen Parties

"Thank you. Lauren's 11th birthday party was a hit! The kids loved painting their choice of pottery. Perfect venue for a girl's birthday party. You supplied the decorations and utensils and made it hassle free! Such a cute place. Even the moms want to come back without the kids to paint!" - Cheryl M. (Facebook)

"Went to a child's birthday party here today with my daughter. It was so fun, the kids all loved it and it was such a nice change from the typical parties. Can't wait to do this again!" - Erin C. (Facebook)

"We love Art Fuzd! We had a birthday party there and the owners were so helpful. They customized a Harry Potter picture just for our group! Lots of fun. We return whenever we can!" - Kerri L. (Facebook)

"Hosted a 5 years old party here, everyone had a great time, staff was great." - Michael D. (Google)

"Staff was more than helpful and attentive. I brought party supplies but didn't even need them. Everything was supplied, candles, lighter, cake cutter, plates, napkins, utensils, cups, table cover, balloons, and sign with my daughters name and birthday age! I was so surprised, they didn't miss a thing. They were respectful of price and had all the pieces to choose from on separate table for kids to choose from which made it easy. There is a pizza place right in same strip mall which made it very convenient if you wanted to order from there to pick up or deliver. It was a very serene clean relaxing atmosphere, would definitely recommend!!!!" - Kim F. (Facebook)

"This awesome spot hosted a birthday party for one of my daughter's school friends 9th birthday. My daughter loved it so much she insisted we go as a family. Well, we did & now I love it too. The atmosphere is relaxing, the staff is courteous and friendly, and the options are various on things to paint." - Keisha A. (Facebook)

"Took my daughter here today and LOVED it! We were able to relax, bond and create beautiful works of art. Great idea! Loved the people and everything about it! We will be back and having my daughter’s birthday party here in fact." - Natalie O. (Facebook)