The story so far

It took just one afternoon as complete newbies at a fused glass studio in Oregon and we were hooked on the craft, the process, and the joy of creating keepsake fused glass pieces to last a lifetime.

Being mostly self taught initially and after many a trial and error, we started finding a groove and aesthetic we were proud to show off to friends and family. People started showing interest and enquiring for purchase, so in late 2015 we decided to pause our years of corporate management and consulting lives and open Art Füzd ~ a social art studio "Where Fun And Art Fuze!" ~ for others to learn, enjoy, and get hooked, just like we were, to having fun insightful art experiences.

While one of us is working within another industry and one of us is managing the studio part-time with a wonderful staff while engaged in other business pursuits, the fun creative atmosphere is the same as it was when the studio opened. 

Along with canvas painting and board art, there are hundreds of ceramic (i.e. bisque or pottery) pieces to choose from for walk-in guests to paint. Two and three hour group pottery painting and board art events, as well as canvas painting events are held here as well. Conveniently located with ample parking, walk-ins are welcome and we can easily accommodate groups up to 60 people for parties and events. 

See you soon!

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"Where Fun and Art Fuze!"

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