Meet the Team

Meet our newest team members!

We captured some cool photos of our team's personal projects!   Wow, very nice :)  

We're thrilled to have found amazingly friendly top-notch people to help run the studio! We'd like to introduce or re-introduce (in some cases!) our wonderful team members to you:

A super big thanks to Alexa!  She's worked here over the last two summers, is back at school, yet may be back during school or spring breaks.

A special welcome to Kate!  She's joined the team recently, is a college student during the week, and works on the weekends.  

A mountain of gratitude to Joey!  Over almost two years so far, he's been an instrumental element in helping manage the studio on the weekends. 

Joey works primarily on the weekend and is a graphic designer in the insurance industry during the week. He loves all things Marvel, movies, and design.

Kate is currently a college student concentrating in marketing and loves art, as well as reading within her free time.  Kate is also passionate about animals and loves cats and dogs.

Alexa is a nursing student at Purdue University in Indiana and is looking forward to helping others professionally. She enjoys art, music, and cats.


Thank you Team!