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Artwork Shipping

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Hey, I wanna display!

Great! Either come pick it up or have us ship it to you for 15 bucks!

  1. If the name you provided the studio is different from your on-line order here, please let us know so we can more easily find your artwork - thank you!
  2. Also, in the notes section of the cart, please PROVIDE your cell phone number so we can text you if needed.
What's included?

  • Art Füzd sends off your awesomely wrapped artwork to you in a flash!
  • Art Füzd sends you a text with the tracking number.
Why can't you forever store my lovely artwork!?

Because your artwork misses you and wants to go home.

We serve thousands of guests in our studio and from our on-line store! It's not efficient (space-wise) or effective (error-wise) for us to hold finished pieces longer than 30 days. If time permits, we will text you once to remind you pick up your artwork. If you're busy or traveling, just have us ship it to you for 15 bucks! If it's multiple pieces or a heavy piece that needs to be shipped, please order quantity "2".

So, what's been the fate of my artwork!?

If you've chosen not to pick up your artwork, we reserve the right to either display it as sample pieces in our studio or to donate your artwork to a local cause, after 30 days.


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