Lanterns, Votives, & Light-Ups

All "Lanterns" allow for placing a battery-operated tea-light (not included) inside.  We do not recommend using a live candle or flame with your hand-painted pottery.  The word "Lantern" or "Votive" is used in our store to mean essentially almost the same thing.  It's somewhat arbitrary as to which word is used in the product title.

All "Light-Ups" include a wall-based "light kit", with multi-colored twist bulbs (where applicable).  We sell replacement light kits and twist bulbs, so if you need more, please stop by with a representative bulb (so we can be sure to match the size properly). We also have a wild assortment of unique and vintage twist lights too.

The "Lanterns" projects are generally a little bit less in cost than the "Light-Ups" and this is due both to the obvious size difference and the added accessories included.