Canvas Painting Gallery

How it works!

Walk-In Canvas Painting

For walk-ins, opt to free-flow a design or choose amongst our available canvas designs at the studio. Please call to confirm there's a canvas table available, and stop in! Our walk-in canvas pricing is all-inclusive and you can relax and enjoy your own creative process. We're here to help and guide, as much or as little as you need or wish.

Canvas Painting Parties

For private parties, view the Gallery of Canvas Designs page. Choose which design you'd like for your private party. Submit the Canvas Design Request form. Please let us know at least two (3) days (i.e. at least 72 hours) prior to your scheduled party. We'll have everything set up and ready for your selected design in advance of your party, so everyone has the maximum amount of time for having fun painting and learning together!

Canvas Painting Gallery

Below we present a small sample collection of photographs. Great for ideas on colour combinations and deciding which canvas design you want to paint, you'll have access to hundreds of photographs in studio.

All images © Art Füzd or other parties as marked. All designs owned wholly by the individual artists (i.e. our remarkable guests!)


"Guest-Inspired" refers to artwork that resulted from guests free-flowing their own canvas designs. Sometimes they draw out their intentions first, often times not. Sometimes the colors of choice are known and the results came, other times colors changed significantly throughout their creative process. Most of our guests enjoy free-flowing their own designs rather than starting with a design structure. We will always help and provide as much or as little guidance or advice that you need or desire.

"Design-Based" refers to artwork that resulted from guests starting with one of our canvas design structures. Sometimes they find the structure is helpful and following instructions or guidance is calming. Sometimes they find it too confining and deviate from it greatly, creating in essence rather a semi "guest-inspired" result. Sometimes the colors of the design are used exactly to match the sample canvas. Other times, the final colors are in wild contrast to the sample canvas. Some of our guests like knowing the result of where they are going rather than trying to figure out what result they want and creating the way to get there. We will always help and provide as much or as little guidance or advice that you need or desire.






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