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Just walk in! No appt. nec.


Not applicable at this time. Check here in the future for schedule modifications.

Studio Schedule

Open Thursday 12-5 pm
Open Friday 12-6 pm
Open Saturday 12-6 pm
Open Sunday 12-5 pm

Our current hours for in-studio walk-in painting, pottery to go order pick-ups, and finished project drop-offs are 12 to 5 pm Thursday, 12 to 6 pm Friday, 12 to 6 pm Saturday, and 12 to 5 pm Sunday. We are closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (any exceptions noted below in "Holiday Schedule"). No appointment or reservation necessary for pottery painting (except for larger groups). Our studio is spacious with plenty of seating. First come, first served... Reservations are required for canvas painting and there must be at least two hours before closing time to start a canvas.

Holiday Schedule

* PLEASE NOTE:  Staff leaves at closing time (i.e. at 5 or 6 pm).  Please plan accordingly.  You must to be already checked out and ready to go by closing time.  Thank you! 

* PLEASE NOTE:  This is a preliminary schedule.  Days open versus closed during holiday season is subject to change. Please check back when it's closer.

CLOSED Monday, December 18
CLOSED Tuesday, December 19
OPEN 12-5 Wednesday, December 20
OPEN 12-5 Thursday, December 21
OPEN 12-6 Friday, December 22
OPEN 12-6 Saturday, December 23
OPEN 12-5 Sunday, Christmas Eve, December 24

CLOSED Monday, Christmas Day, December 25
CLOSED Tuesday, December 26
OPEN 12-5 Wednesday, December 27
OPEN 12-5 Thursday, December 28
OPEN 12-6 Friday, December 29
OPEN 12-6 Saturday, December 30

CLOSED Sunday, New Year's Eve
CLOSED Monday, New Year's Day
CLOSED Tuesday, January 2
OPEN 12-5 Wednesday, January 3
OPEN 12-5 Thursday, January 4
OPEN 12-6 Friday, January 5

Mask is Optional

But recommended, based on CDC guidelines and basic common sense. Keep in mind that our studio is an enclosed space that serves a lot of people during busy times and everyone is in here for hours. If you're immuno-compromised but fully vaccinated we recommend that you consider "Pottery To Go!" or be sure to wear a high quality mask while here. All Art Füzd staff is always masked.

"Pottery To Go!" is always a great choice for anyone who prefers to paint at home or who wishes not be indoors prolonged or who can not be vaccinated or may be immuno-compromised.

Seating is first come, first served, and we have a large spacious studio. For a more relaxing visit consider the day before or after a holiday or sometime during the week (more quietness and serenity).

We will always have a minimum age in studio of 2 years old.

How It Works

Join in on the fun! Just walk in and paint! Pottery projects are ready for pickup one week (7 days) later...

Tables are widely spaced for comfort and privacy! Our studio is super airy and spacious, has super high ceilings, and great ventilation. Hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes are readily available as desired. We have had a professional cleaning company clean our studio regularly since almost the very beginning seven years ago.

Feel free to visit and paint, stop in and pick out projects and paints to go, or order online and receive curbside service. You can always purchase Pottery to Go! online here: https://www.artfuzd.com/collections/pottery

We also offer "Canvas To Go!".