Scout Outings and Badges


Instructing our local Girl Scouts!

We're thrilled to be our community's local art studio for girl scouts... We offer scout outings and badge-earning projects, designed for the Scouts of all ages. Our badge-earning projects apply to one or more levels: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors.

All materials and instruction are included and meet all criteria to earn the badge. Art Füzd does supply our super cool fabric badge! By request, we're happy to give a short talk about ceramics and a quick tour of our kiln room.

How it works: Contact us by phone or email to reserve the party space or some tables for the time and day you wish for your scout outing or badge-earning project. We'll have everything already set up for you and the scouts.

Girl Scouts Leaders...

Did you miss picking up our brochure at the Girl Scout event? Stop by and request a copy!

Scout Outings ~ Pottery | Canvas

We have lots of fun options for Scout Outings! All materials and instruction are included which meet all criteria to earn any badges. Art Füzd does supply the physical fabric patch if/as desired.

Project Options

Flat ornament & pendant
Four-inch tile & pendant
Small figurine
Six-inch tile
Emoji coaster
Decorative coaster

Pottery Painting Scout Outing or Pottery Badge Event  

25 dollars per scout (includes pottery, event, guidance, kiln firing). 

Or, you can provide the girls with a higher price range (for example, say 28, 34, 38, or whatever you wish).  Or, you can pre-choose a few pieces for them to select from (subject to availability and/or timing).

Pottery pieces are ready for pick up one week later.

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Project Options

Small canvas
Large canvas

Select a design
Free-flow self design

Individual instruction
Group instruction

Canvas Painting Scout Outing or Painting Badge Event  

25 to 35 dollars per scout.

Canvas painting is best for older scouts, not appropriate for younger scouts.

Scouts will learn how to apply paint using different brush techniques and tools and will learn how to express themselves through color theory. They'll paint their own canvas.

Projects are taken home same-day.

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