Private Party Booking Fee

Private Party Booking Fee

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Book your private party!
  1. The non-refundable Party Booking Fee of $25.00 books your party and commits studio resources to your party.
An overview of what's included:
  • A minimum of one studio associate (more for larger parties) will be servicing your party.
  • Additionally, a professional art instructor (when applicable) will be in charge of the instructional portion(s) of your party.
  • Art Füzd will provide all needed art materials and art supplies for your party.
  • Smocks and linens will be available for use at for your party.
An overview of party timing ~ CHILD PARTIES:
  • All parties are 1 hour (young kids ) to 1.5 hours (older kids) in duration.
  • The party ends promptly at the 1 hour or 1.5 hours mark (i.e. the agreed to party end time) with all guests leaving the studio so we can clean the space.
  • Please encourage your child's guests to arrive on time so they have maximum time having fun together.
Studio policies ~ Child parties:
  • Any number of kids/painters is typically fine, please review with us...
  • You may bring cake or cupcakes and beverages (no pizza or other food, please!).
  • No food other than cake/cupcakes, restaurants are within walking distance :)
  • No noise makers
  • No throwing of water bottles in the air
  • No spinning of turntables so they fall onto the floor
  • No running in the studio anywhere at any time
  • The party guests and parents must remain in the party space.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to ask anyone or everyone to leave immediately if necessary.
An overview of party timing ~ ADULT PARTIES:
  • Parties and events for adults are typically 2.0 to 5.0 hours in duration. We'll discuss your party specifications and timing needs/desires with you.
  • Additional time for your party is available beyond the agreed to ending time (if another party or event doesn't conflict) at a fee of 20 dollars per half hour.


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