Light-Up Wreath, includes Light Kit ~ 8 x 7.5
Light-Up Wreath, includes Light Kit ~ 8 x 7.5
Light-Up Wreath, includes Light Kit ~ 8 x 7.5

Light-Up Wreath, includes Light Kit ~ 8 x 7.5

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Project Details

Light-Up Wreath - 7.5 inches high!

This style and size is perfect for almost anywhere and of course, on top of mantles! It's 7.5 inches high and approximately three inches deep.

Wonderfully fun, festive, and classic in style for the holiday season! Paint the wreath using the solid colors, or opt for "Glass Green" which is a wonderfully natural looking color that flows with a two-tone color shading after firing. Please mention in the order notes if you'd like "Glass Green" and we'll include it for you. The only caveat (but it's an important one) is that you really can't decorate on top of it because it flows and colors on top will meld into it and not look good or stand out. The "Glass Green" on its very own is quite stunning. If you're not sure, stop in or ask us to show you curbside what the "Glass Green" looks like - we're happy to do so, we want your wreath to look great and match your wishes! The solid colors looks nice too and you can decorate on top of the solid colors with no issues, it's just a very different look.

Assorted pin lights are included as well as an easy-to-use clip-in light kit with a 25 watt clear bulb.

Your wreath will be ready for pick-up one week (i.e. 7 days) after it's ready for kiln-firing.


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