Medium Standing Buster BBQ Holiday Gnome in "Kiss The Cook" Apron Figurine ~ 4 x 2.5 x 9.5

Medium Standing Buster BBQ Holiday Gnome in "Kiss The Cook" Apron Figurine ~ 4 x 2.5 x 9.5

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Gardens love decorative figurines and gnomes! Decorate your yard and garden with fun playful colorful (as you wish!) ceramics. Any garden items can be sealed to be waterproof for use indoors or outdoors. Please let us know before we kiln-fire your project that you'd like this service. It doesn't change anything about the outcome but allows for either use, so it's recommended if there's any chance you'll want to decorate outside. IMPORTANT: Always bring your outdoor ceramics indoors during extreme cold temperatures as a preventative measure.

Pricing is all-inclusive - no studio fees or other costs. Projects are in stock unless noted otherwise. We provide glaze colors of your choice, brushes, etc. and our kiln-firing service.

All online orders are ready for pickup in 2 hours (or less)! Doorside service available. We have big windows with which to see you! Enjoy your time painting, take as long as you wish/need. Projects when brought back are ready to pick-up 7 days later.

Order Customization

If painting your project(s) at the studio (i.e. you wish us to hold the project(s) for you, then simply select the quantity of projects you desire and go through the check-out process. There is no need for you to choose any colors now!

If painting your project(s) at home instead (i.e. you wish to pick up your order and paint at home), first select how many you want above and add the product to your cart. Next, go to this product page: Pottery To Go - Desired Colors and choose the glaze colors you would like. Finally, add the product ($0 cost) to your cart and check out!