Wooden Square Tile Mirror Frame, includes (12) 4.25 inch tiles ~ 19.25 x 19.25

Wooden Square Tile Mirror Frame, includes (12) 4.25 inch tiles ~ 19.25 x 19.25

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Project Details

Price includes the two-hour painting event, wooden frame with mirror insert, twelve (12) 4.25 inch tiles to paint, kiln-firing of all tiles, and the wooden frame with the mirror ~ ready for painting or staining the frame if/as desired and ready for gluing and grouting the tiles onto the frame.  We'll provide detailed instructions and provide everything you'll need for the gluing and grouting fun!  You'll need to decide what look you wish for on the frame and purchase paint or stain at your local hardware store. 

This works especially wonderfully as a Corporate Team Building event or Bachelorette Party group project!  The bride could choose a theme and everyone paints their tile based on the theme. Or a favorite color or colors. Or a favorite style or design (i.e. modern, floral, stripes, etc.).  Possible theme ideas could center around a time of life (childhood, college, dating), girl's night outings, future dreams of the bride, etc. 

Also makes for a wonderfully fun project for families, team, friends, etc. Great for mom or grandma gifts, or office display or leadership award gifts.

Please allow additional time for full completion and readiness of this project for display or gift-giving!  Paint all the tiles. Leave the tiles for kiln-firing or paint the tiles off-site and return them for kiln-firing anytime.  Pickup the wooden frame and all painted tiles (ready in 7-10 days) when they are ready.  Paint or stain the frame.  Decide on the arrangement of tiles in the frame.  Glue the tiles inside the frame.  Grout in-between the tiles.  Let dry laying flat for at least overnight, longer if possible.  Hang and enjoy!

Pricing is all-inclusive - no studio fees or other costs. Projects are in stock unless noted otherwise. We provide glaze colors of your choice, brushes, etc. and our kiln-firing service.

All online orders are ready for pickup in 2 hours (or less)! Doorside service available. We have big windows with which to see you! Enjoy your time painting, take as long as you wish/need. Projects when brought back are ready to pick-up 7 days later.

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